Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Don't Know You But I love You.

I do not yet know you but I think I love you. I do not yet know your hopes and dreams, nor do I know everything that you aspire to be. Yet, I can see it in your eyes from across this cafe. You, with those gorgeous hazel eyes are a thinker, a doer, a bright soul and a beacon of hope in a sometimes dark and unforgiving world. You've got the world at your hands and endless possibility at your perfect fingertips. There is nothing that you cannot do and heaven help anyone who tells you otherwise. I cant help but to stare. I am frozen in time. Stuck in-between my reality and all of the wonderful possibilities of us. You are more powerful than you know; I want to show you so bad.
I picture us unstoppable. A hurricane of unimaginable love spinning almost out of control changing and reshaping everything we touch. Inspiring and creating great things. We would leave our everlasting marks on this world for sure. I want you to take my hand more than anything.
I still cant move, and I swear my heart hasn't beat in what seems like a lifetime. I'm not strong enough to approach you and have hardly the strength to brush your soft brown hair from your face and kiss you.
The way you sip your coffee entrances me. Everything about you leaves me in awe. I watch you crinkle your nose, close your eyes and sneeze.
"Bless you" was all I could manage to say.
You look at me smile and say thank you and at that moment I knew. That was all it took.
I am utterly and completely in love with you and from this point on cannot possibly imagine a life without you.
I don't know you but I love you, and I want you to take my hand more than anything.
But I am not nearly strong enough...

Based on an entirely fake story.

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